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Re: rtl base communities BBCode

Post by ali@php »

nickvergessen wrote:ali@php as this is more a bug than a feature, (and as most agree here) please create a ticket: http://tracker.phpbb.com/

phpBB persian international support : http://www.phpbbpersian.com
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Re: rtl base communities BBCode

Post by MartinTruckenbrodt »

I've done a short look to the code. I will not add anything for better or fixed rtl support to my MOD.
Also it has been told to be bug.
And I have found another very similar problem with RTL. I think it has the same reason. On my dev board http://www.martin-truckenbrodt.com/cgi/phpBB3AMLS/ titles for a hyperlink tags are displayed wrong.

To test it do following steps:
  1. go to http://www.martin-truckenbrodt.com/cgi/phpBB3AMLS/
  2. select a RTL language from the country flags bar or the dropdown menu
  3. move your mouse over the german, dutch, spanish or argentinian flags or open the language selection dropdown box - The brackets are displayed wrong, at least on my german language system Win 7 Business 32bit in IE 9 and FF 13.
@ali: Please confirm it if possible.

Bye Martin
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