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Re: phpbb3.1.0 dev

Post by brunoais »

add the directory where php.exe is into the PATH string
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Re: phpbb3.10 dev

Post by Vinny »

ali@php wrote:I try to run code but this error appears (I use WAMP server) :
'php' is not recognized as an internal or external command, ... .addtopath
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Re: phpbb3.1.0 dev

Post by Michaelo »

To test php is working, in a command windows type: php --version
You should get back a few lines including the php version... if you get nothing follow Vinny's link above...

If after running: ../composer.phar you get an out of date report, try ../composer.phar self-update

Also note the .htaccess file in the install folder will prevent installation, delete or edit to allow access (assuming local testing)...

Also note after install the 51 header links are at the top but no css is included... would it be alright to post this here?
It a good way of keeping links handy...
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