Google Chrome release cycle

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Re: Google Chrome release cycle

Post by brunoais »

EXreaction wrote:Extensions generally should not have issues from updates. About the only major reason for issues would be events changing somehow, but this is very unlikely to happen.
And I supposed we'll be working hard such that it does not happen unless it is really necessary.

Anyway, as extensions use the events we give, I think the system can work such that, before the update, the system can check which events are being used by extensions and which events are going to be changed. With that information, the system can predict where there's the possibility that a specific extension will break.
With that info in hand, we can warn the forum admin about that problem even before he updates his phpBB forum. Also, the MOD/extension maker would probably also notice it if he uses the extension he made in his forum. With documentation we can provide, he could (in many cases) easily update his extension to the new interface.
What do you think of that?
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Re: Google Chrome release cycle

Post by Pony99CA »

I've been in favor of more feature releases for a long time. I'd like to see them go every 4-6 months.

However, if you want to do auto-update (even one-click update), please provide a method to back up the files automatically (sort of like the updater creates a ZIP file of the files being updated and downloads it to the user's PC).

That will prevent us from having to tell users to back things up before updating. :D

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Re: Google Chrome release cycle

Post by Shayariel »

Well, most points are already said - but here are ym two cents

As advantage of an higher releace cylcle is to mention that features which are called for could shipped much earlier, so it's a great thing
As disadvantage is the situation when a problem appears. Then you have to check why, to find a solution and then update it (well, already mentioned), and that BEFORE the next release comes - or it will break everything again... - so, many mods would need constant work. For some it would be great, for others...

What sounds better is something with LTS like Ubuntu, or (to stay in PHP-World) Synfony (see at Synfony Shedule)
But LTS would be more versions to take care of - also a point to think about...
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