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ACP Notes

Post by Superwaffle »

I think a good feature to have is a note system. The ability to place a note on any page in the ACP. This would be useful for making a to-do list for other Admins on certain pages (managing the forum, permissions, new groups, etc.), or just letting them know about any updates you've made, or are working on. On my forum, I've made a rather complex permissions system for my Moderators, as well as a few other groups. Being able to place a note on the Permissions page to explain what each group is able to do would be much appreciated.

The idea behind it is essentially just having a "Notes" box in the upper right corner of each page on the ACP, where it would have two buttons:
"See notes (*)"
"Write a new note"
The asterisk in the first button represents the current amount of notes on that page. Clicking it could either uncollapse a list of the notes there, or open a pop-up or something.

The second one would just open something like a quick-reply box or something that would appear right below the button.

Then maybe add a new tab for "NOTES" where you can read them all from there, instead of needing to hunt down each one individually.

I think this would allow communicating with fellow Admins much easier.

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Re: ACP Notes

Post by Meis2M »

very good idea i like it :D
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Re: ACP Notes

Post by Rotsblok »

TBH I think it will reduce the communication between admins, cos they just say simply: "Didn't you read the note I left.", and in my opinion it will just clutter things up, as you need to read everytime the note someone just left.. It would make the operations you want to do fast, way more time comsuming..

I believe if admins want to communicate make your own private forum and communicate there (it's after all a bulletin board, ain't it :D )
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Re: ACP Notes

Post by JHTech100 »

I like the idea. I think it would enhance communication throughout admins because communication will be key or chaos can easily erupt.
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