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Re: Default Editor - BBCode Shortcuts

Post by ToonArmy »

AmigoJack wrote:phpBB already supports accelerator keys: with MSIE or FFOX on Windows you can hit ALT+B for clicking the Bold-button. With OPER it's not that easy (SHIFT+ESC, then press the key of choice) unless you use an extension which enables you to do the same with ALT+SHIFT+B. While "accelerator keys" is the Win32 API term, HTML entitles this as "access keys": ... #h-17.11.2 - see also

So I see no reason why to re-invent something which every browser already supports.
We're talking about using the well known Ctrl based shortcuts rather than more obscure browser specific access key modifiers, which vary by browser and architecture.
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Re: Default Editor - BBCode Shortcuts

Post by AmigoJack »

Well-known is subjective.
  • MS Word 2000 on Windows is localized and I have to press CTRL+SHIFT+F to get bold text. I can verify this for all Office programs up until version 2003.
  • Jelsoft vB uses CTRL+B regardless of any chosen language. Which collides with what my browser already does for CTRL+B.
I'm not talking about localizing the BBCode - but localizing the buttons in the editor would make more sense in my eyes than to make an even stronger use of english-optimized shortcuts (or access keys) for a feature which half of the people might see as a help and others might facepalm it...

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Re: Default Editor - BBCode Shortcuts

Post by Oleg »

I have been warming up to this idea since my first post in this topic. When the post editor is focused I think overriding Ctrl-B, etc. is quite reasonable.

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