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Re: User contribution

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exreation, i agree with your reply. Great point on the suggestions and votes aiding mod/plugin development. IMO this is something we should implement ASAP
also, another area that ties into the same discussion, from within the acp on the plugin/theme management page.. the plugins will need to have some form of user contributed responses/voting system. for example

Plugin Name: Quick Reply Version: 1.2
Brief description/sceenshots etc
Plugin last modified: 01/01/2010 Total Downloads= 12423
User comments: insert comments here
phpbb Version your using: 4.0 Compatable= Yes/No

thats another discussion though

On to another important topic brought up by rotsblok,
Rotsblok wrote:what the goal is of phpBB..
If we all answered this question i think we would have vastly different responses. The communication of what the "Goal" of phpbb is and what the site/staff member says changes. We, should hold a meeting to discuss this in detail or post an updated version of what the goal of phpbb is that is easy to follow and understand. For example,
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^^ all from the website, Is there a page of the phpbb philosophy?
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