[Usability] Instant action redirection / Flash messages

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[Usability] Instant action redirection / Flash messages

Post by ameeck »

Current situation

After logging in phpBB3 displays a confirmation message that you have really submitted your post, logged in etc. Often unnecessarily lengthening common procedures on the board.

There is no way to limit the time for which these pages were displayed.

On of the reasons for this was to prevent double submission of forms.

Proposed implementation

Instead of inserting an unnecessary page load summarizing the action, the user should be redirected to the previous page and a dismissable "flash message" should be shown at the top stating the action has been processed and executed. In this message, a Undo link could be presented as described here: [Usability] Reducement of confirmation pages / Allow undo.

To solve double form submission problems, the request should be redirected from a processing script to the presentation script afterwards, preventing sending double commands while using the Back button.
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Re: [Usability] Instant action redirection / Flash messages

Post by jwxie »

I would rather to do it instant flashing - use ajax as much as possible - to redirect and to reload every page we confirm is unnecessary and sometime when Internet access is slow, it's better to save the time.

I also propose the style on the other post you mentioned. What do you think?
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Re: [Usability] Instant action redirection / Flash messages

Post by sajaki »

a nice feature but it should be in 3.2 really.
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Re: [Usability] Instant action redirection / Flash messages

Post by Oleg »

I'm going to move this to 3.2 since I have HTTP redirects on my board.

I believe some of the redirect pages actually display information other than "your action has been performed", therefore going to HTTP redirects does lose that bit of information vs redirect pages.

If we implement flash messages we should be able to do away with redirect pages entirely.
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