[Fixed] Phpbb Album broken Images

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[Fixed] Phpbb Album broken Images

Post by jage » Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:14 pm

Your board's URL: dev.sportsmobileforum.com
Version of phpBB3: 3.0.4 fresh imported phpbb2
MODs you have installed: Nyquist multigroup, AutoMod, Phpbb Album
When the problem started: With Phpbb Album
Your level of expertise (be honest): advanced

Template(s) used: custom based on subsilver2, however the gallery is only installed for prosilver
Language(s) used: EN
Test account*: publictest/testpass (you will be redirected to a prosilver template on return to the index)

I believe I have the gallery successfully installed and configured. On my version the photo thumbnails work fine and the photos are accessible.

On the dev and production server photo thumbnails are broken images, albiet with the correct alt tag information.

When attempting to view the photo by clicking on the thumbnail the message "You are not authorised to access this area." is displayed.

I am sure I missed something simple. I have refreshed cache and all three styles, as well as the gallery thumbnails via the ACP.

The install was done on localhost then "all" changed files and database updates were moved to the server. It is possible I missed something. The gallery permissions tables are identical, the original install changes were made on a recent production DB backup and with recent production files.

[EDIT: removed some things that have been checked and are irrelevant -jage]

What else should I check? Any ideas on what I might have missed, or a server setting (dev and prod are on the same server and have the same problem, 127. is on my laptop)
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Re: Phpbb Album broken Images

Post by DavidIQ » Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:53 pm

You're using both lightbox and image-resize. Can you disable either/or and try again? I suspect there's a conflict...

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Re: Phpbb Album broken Images

Post by jage » Sun Feb 08, 2009 7:21 am

Thanks David, I don't know how to check or disable Lytebox. I had thought it would be on the .MOD tab for PhpbbGallery, which was missing and I've spent all my time doing line by line comparisons of all the files and the database.

I found the problem with the .MOD tab and the bbcode table entry had a different id, both repaired and still broken images.

The code on production and localhost and the database are now exactly the same (with the exception of cookie settings).

So, the only differenced I can find are:
-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
-- (PROD) version
-- (local) version 3.1.1

-- (PROD) Server version: 5.0.67
-- (local) Server version: 5.1.30

-- (PROD) PHP Version: 5.2.6
-- (local) PHP Version: 5.2.8

(PROD) Unix
(local) WindowsXP

(PROD) permissions, group and owner (chmod, chgrp, chown)
(local) ? whatever Windows does

Can anyone check the proper file permissions on the gallery/* folders and files? They were 777, including all images so I changed them to match the rest of phpbb3 folders and files.... could be an issue there.

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Re: Phpbb Album broken Images

Post by jage » Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:35 pm

Fixed. The referers string had a leading space.

Code: Select all

in gallery/image php:

	if (!in_array($check_referer, $good_referers))
	$gr_count = 0;
	foreach ($good_referers as $gr) { $good_referers[$gr_count] = trim($good_referers[$gr_count]); $gr_count++; }

Find (Again:)
	if (!in_array($check_referer, $good_referers))

	if (!in_array(trim($check_referer), $good_referers))
I'll rewrite this when phpbb.com is back.