How to reinstall a mod?

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How to reinstall a mod?

Post by sergefa »

I installed a mod and as I understand it changed mySQL tables. Do I have to restore the old tables if I wanrt to reinstall the Mod?
Before installationg I created a phpBB2 forum database dump (stupidly enough I didn't included the drop old tables command). How can I restore my original forum database using the dump without the drop old tables command.
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Re: How to reinstall a mod?

Post by Nightrider »

If you restored the backups on a MOD and plan to reinstall it, all you need to do is uncheck the SQL commands in Step 2 before moving to Step 3. Even if you forget, EM will tell you that it can't create duplicate tables, fields, and keyed records, as you would expect, then allow you to finish the MOD install, which you would do. You would be good to go at that point...