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Instant Messenger

Post by ICY »

Is this built in in the CVS as messenger.php if not i think it would be a good idea to have like a web based instant messenger on the server, just before 2.0 started development i asked about a mod like this and it turned out to be a popup saying "you have a new PM" :s not what i had described but good anyway :P
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by anyentertainment »

good idea ICY, a php Instant Messenger
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by VxJasonxV »

As if that'd be much different than a Private Message?
Only slightly.

Instant Message protocal transport was recently introduced (and by recently, I mean sometime in the last month as far as I know ^^;), and they've had the ability to notify users via Jabber for quite some time now.

What would your advantages of the Board Messanger be over the Board PM system?
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by warmweer »

Frankly I think an instant messenger is way beyond the purpose of a php forum. I see no point in an instant messaging system which could be used when a user is not logged in. And when one is logged in the PM system works instantaneously to get one's attention. If further conversation is deemed necessary there are lots of buttons which can be used so that one's favorite instant messaging system is started instead of something new which would have to be analysed, coded, tested, reanalysed, recoded and retested in alpha, beta and gamma stages and may well not be up to the "standards" expected (read: have all the bells IM users are used to).

Mind you, I think it's a good idea for a mod, but not as a standard feature.
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by RyanThaDude29 »

I agree with warmweer. I really don't think it's necessary. For those who really need it, could use/write a MOD. The current PM system should be enough (when it's done, of course ;))
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by Ptirhiik_ »

Not mentioning the crap that let those kind of php messanger in your database low level indexes, and the ressources consumption...
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by MarkS »

Definately unnecessary. This is exactly why there is a place in your profile to enter your MSN/AIM/ICQ/Yahoo address. 4 types of IMs right there. If people want to talk live, they can install a MOD or exchange IM account names.
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Re: Instant Messenger

Post by Roberdin »

You missed out the best of all - Jabber. :P

phpBB2.2 will/does have the capability to directly commmunicate with Jabber messengers instead of e-mailing the user in question - useful if you're online and want to know that that all important PM has just arrive now, instead of the next time you check your mail/visit the site. I believe that it may also be able to IM other messengers in a similar fashion over a Jabber transport.
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