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Re: Jabber support

Post by SHS` »

konni_b wrote: THE REALLY WEIRD thing tho - is the post date on all the posts here - they read october 2004, june 2005, and current june 2006 - when the heck was beta 3 released?
Beta1 was released on the 17th June 2006 (phpBB's 6th birthday), though phpBB3 (previously 2.2) has been worked on for the best part of 4 years. :P The whole Jabber feature is actually rather "old" (dates back to mid 2003). :P
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Re: Jabber support

Post by itunes66 »

that was phpBB birthday, dang i should have sent a Shreck 2 DVD to it lol jk jk
2 things i like about you hmm.. ill have to get back to you on that one
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Re: Jabber support

Post by commonguy »

How do you use Jabber on PhpBB3? :?:
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Re: Jabber support

Post by yautja_cetanu »

gah, I keep searching for information on Jabber, but I just get a bunch of people telling me to use the search function on Jabber :P

So if I'm right as it stands:

1) I go to my profile and put my blah@googlemail.com into my Jabber Address
2) I then add phpbb22@jabber.org to my buddies on googletalk (why phpbb22 or is it phpbb3 now?)
3) Someone "Jabs" me on the forum by clicking the jabber button typing a message and then sending
4) I get a message on googletalk instantly saying "Hello" or whatever, I then reply
5) The person gets a reply back? How does jabber know who to reply to? Or is the jabber integration only one way?

Loads of people keep referring me to website about how I can get my own jabber server? I'm confused why I would want that? I mean the majority of phpbb3 users surely would not have a need to set up their own Jabber server? I don't need a jabber server for this to work do I?

Is that whole "phpbb22@jabber.org" actually just the address of a user on the jabber server. If I had my own jabber server I could ask my users to add "blah@blah.co.uk" to their google talk list?

Does that mean "phpbb22@jabber.org" only applies to forums that are using that as their jabber server? On my googletalk list I'll have to add a different buddy for every website I sign up to and use Jabber? (Which means using a different client might be better?)
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Re: Jabber support

Post by Cap'n Refsmmat »

I believe the Jabber integration is solely for notifications. You get a Jabber message when someone sends you a private message or something. It works something like this:
  1. You find a jabber server, like jabber.org
  2. You register phpBB an account (it might be able to do that by itself, not sure)
  3. Put in whateveryouwant@jabber.org in the ACP options
  4. Someone sends you a PM, a little box pops up on your computer from your Jabber client saying "You have a new PM at yoursite.com!"
Or something. Wait for the documentation to come around.
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