Discussion of general topics related to the new version and its place in the world. Don't discuss new features, report bugs, ask for support, et cetera. Don't use this to spam for other boards or attack those boards!
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Discussion of general topics related to the new release and its place in the world. Don't discuss new features, report bugs, ask for support, et cetera. Don't use this to spam for other boards or attack those boards!
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Re: Updating

Post by Eelke »

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@Negative: I wouldn't count on it, most probably you will have to first restore the backup and then run the upgrade script discussed here.

About the whole upgrading debate, I wouldn't think anyone would expect the devs to release a DB upgrade script if that wasn't anywhere near practical. If the DB schema would be so much in limbo that there isn't even an updater now because it would just need a complete rewrite if the DB would ever change, and they will start on the updater once the DB is stable, sure. That's just not very likely. It is more likely that there already is an updater, and depending on the effort it would take to keep it kind of in sync with the core code it might be a good idea to also ship that along with beta releases, for the reasons already given in this thread. (Anyway, I'm hearing someone say that there is a good chance the updater will be in later beta releases, so that might just be good enough to sattisfy me, actually :) )

What is a valid point is that releasing an updater is lowering a threshold for Joe phpBB-admin to start running phpBB 3 on a live site. Just as a sidebar, I had someone (who had been pointed to me as being "in the know" about phpBB) ask me whether I wasn't worried about hackers, because I was running an "old" version of phpBB, because his friend was running 3.0 and I was "just" on 2.0. I had to explain to him I was actually on the latest production release (2.0.19) and his friend was running code that isn't production ready yet (just wondering how this friend got their hands on Olympus, because anyone capable enough to get it directly from CVS would probably also have the sense to understand they shouldn't do that - maybe he had even just modded the version number in the footer template and was actually on 2.0 too).

Anyway, that last point is a valid one, I think, but might be "addressed" (no such thing really, when dealing with large numbers, there'll always be the few intelligence impaired that don't listen) in a similar way as anyone who is currently installing Olympus is warned the software is unsupported and not ready for production (i.e. a die() statement stating as much).

Edit: Another factor is, if an 2.0->3.0 updater is shipped along already with early betas, will people expect an updater between the various 3.0 beta-releases as well? I think they might, but I also think that is in fact a different matter. In fact I think it should be resisted, because that does put an extra burden on the devs that doesn't really make any sense (it is wasted effort once there is a production release, while keeping a 2.0->3.0 in sync with schema changes is not, because it will eventually be required anyway). The beta version of 2.0->3.0 updater could be there for those that wish to use production data for their tests, but if there are any changes to the DB-schema that are less than trivial (for which manual instructions could be included?), than tough, you will have to take your original 2.0 dataset and run the new 2.0->3.0 updater again.
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Re: Updating

Post by Graham »

What you say there is actually largely correct. The code does already exist, however I can say with confidence that if I were to try running it today, it would not work. Why not? Simply that no changes for the last few months have been replicated into it.

Equally there is a need for the whole thing to be cleaned up and ported to the new installation system, which those of you who have installed this week will have seen part of - which will be an exercise that requires some time to do. Time which will be spent after the release of the first Beta to some extent since it is not a required component to have a Beta release and the time is better spent on those items which are required.
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