Used by (including robots) ???

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Used by (including robots) ???

Post by nizdobs »

In my Admin Control Panel, Styles, I can set which styles I want to install and which I should use as the default. The table describing the available actions has columns for Style name, Used by (including robots), Options, and Actions.

What does "Used by (including robots)" mean? The style I downloaded shows a value of 53 for this columns while the default of prosilver has a value of 0.

Thanks for any clarification,

- Niz
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Re: Used by (including robots) ???

Post by Christian 2.0 »

That value simply shows the number of members on your board that are using that specific style.

The "Including Robots" accounts for the 50 Bots are that are pre-configured with a vanilla phpBB3 Installation. So when you install your board there are 51 users using a specific style, one being yourself and 50 being the bots. In your case there must be 3 registered users (including yourself) and the 50 bots, making a total of 53.
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