Installing new styles to phpBB 3.x

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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Installing new styles to phpBB 3.x

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I have the newest phpBB 3.0.1 board installed. It has the two styles that come with it (prosilver & subsilver2) and that's it. I've read a few places where it says to install new styles you upload the style folders to the /public_html/phpBB3/styles path on the FTP and then you can log into your ACP and install the style from the Styles tab... However I'm having trouble with this.

I have several style folders uploaded to the /public_html/phpBB3/styles path via my FTP but they aren't showing up on my ACP. If anyone can help... please do. T_T
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Re: Installing new styles to phpBB 3.x

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This is not the place for basic phpBB support, the support forum over at is the place you need to post this as with all other basic support requests.

Knowledge Base - How to install styles on phpBB3

Also note that phpBB2 themes will not work on phpBB3 as the template engine is completely different so you will need to install up to date phpBB3 styles for the version of phpBB3 you are running :) Styles for which can be found scattered through this forum or

I am going to close this topic and if you have any further questions regarding the basic use of phpBB3 please feel free to post on the support forums on where we can assist you :)