change admin panel style

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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change admin panel style

Post by manoj »

how do i go about changing the admin panel style???
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Re: change admin panel style

Post by Graham »

Short answer - you don't

Longer answer - the ACP styling is deliberately not part of the styles any more to prevent problems with missing config options and the like caused by people using other styles. If you want to change how it looks, you could alter the CSS in the adm folder, although I not sure there's much point given only admins will see it. I would strongly recommend against any alterations to the html files for the ACP however
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Re: change admin panel style

Post by agent00shoe »

I hadn't even notice the admin style is separate now. It'll be nice to not have to make changes to the acp because of different admins who use different styles.
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Re: change admin panel style

Post by turblety »

yeah thats always bugged me about previous versions of phpBB. The admin skin should defaintly not be related to custom user styles ;)

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Re: change admin panel style

Post by itunes66 »

I think you should still be able to style it, but... it would be separate from the templates folder, and mabye have an option to disable use of alternate templates for the ACP
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Re: change admin panel style

Post by Highway of Life »

The answer to all three of your statements is... those options already exist.
You can still style it... if you are an expert. ;) (as Graham pointed out)
It is separate from the "template" directory.
And it only has the ability to support one style... THE ADMIN style.
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Re: change admin panel style

Post by Aden »

Yes, the style is in the /adm/ folder in your root.

I might give it a go some time...
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