Imageset cache reset error

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Imageset cache reset error

Post by mikeyis »

Hey guys!!

im trying to update the header image, and i went to refresh the imageset, but i keep getting an SQL error

SQL ERROR [ mysql ]

You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'WHERE imageset_id = 1' at line 2 [1064]


UPDATE phpbb3_styles_imageset SET WHERE imageset_id = 1


FILE: includes/db/mysql.php
LINE: 118
CALL: dbal_mysql->sql_error()

FILE: includes/acp/acp_styles.php
LINE: 402
CALL: dbal_mysql->sql_query()

FILE: includes/functions_module.php
LINE: 361
CALL: acp_styles->main()

FILE: adm/index.php
LINE: 83
CALL: p_master->load_active()

i dont kno what iv done wrong!!!!!!! please help!!

Thanks heaps

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Re: Imageset cache reset error

Post by Yawnster »" target="_blank

report it and see what they say... If you put an exact way to recreate the bug in this topic and on the bug report (the topic, so i can try and recreate it on the latest CVS build) and the bug report for obvious reasons..

Yawnster :)

PS.. From your brief description I am guessing you did..


Which doesnt seem to cause an error message for me..
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