Ice-hockey theme

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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Ice-hockey theme

Post by romell »


I would like to have an Ice-hockey theme to this new version coming up. Green, white and red as a color theme. With some pucks and icehockey sticks as small images..

Can someone fix it or is there anything similar out there?

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Re: Ice-hockey theme

Post by OddDuck »

Well, since phpbb 3.0 is still in development, the template/style system is bound to change before it is released. Not a whole lot of people are working on themes until after the beta is released, and we know that the style system is mostly finalized.
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Re: Ice-hockey theme

Post by php4ever »

I'll take you up on that theme request. When Olympus is released I'll add that to my list of design projects. Send me an email so we can add it to my teams task list. [Email Removed]

Just put Ice-Hockey Theme in the email.

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