list of MODs that work with EasyMod!

Want to share what MODs you've gotten to work with EM? Happy about all the time your're saving? Want to say "thanks"? Here's the place.
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list of MODs that work with EasyMod!

Post by rchrist364 »

Here's a list of mods that work for EasyMod that I have tried.

Delete member from any page- ... ib_id=1693
Moderator Control Panel- ... ib_id=1695 - got an error but clciked refresh and worked fine

Mods that I tried but didn't work
Quick Reply- ... ib_id=1707 - installed fine, says works properly but it doesn,t show up.

I gotta go to work but when i come back I'll post tons more that work.

If you know of some that work with easymod then reply here with a list or just the name and a url.

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Re: list of MODs that work with EasyMod!

Post by Kevin Clark »

I think it's a little bit more complicated than that.

I've found that the vast majority I've tried work in EM but all MOD installs assume a fresh phpBB2 version. The problems come when you add more than one MOD as one can change the code that another is looking for and so the install stops.

It's very much a case of just try it and see.