Love EM!!

Want to share what MODs you've gotten to work with EM? Happy about all the time your're saving? Want to say "thanks"? Here's the place.
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Love EM!!

Post by 2LadyDi »

Well, almost.... I am finding that I DO need to still read the install instructions PRIOR to installing MODS. My fault and I admit it for all. Other than this... I have had my woes and I am learning from them thanks to the assistance of lovely and patient people who I am so glad will never see me. I am sure they want to choke me but hey... ya have to learn somehow. After getting the .0.3.0 version all went well. Prior, I was pulling someone else's hair out. Seriously.

Anyhow MODs that ARE working so far are as follows:

Country Flags (which was something I wanted to add yeeeears ago) - it worked fabulous first time out. First MOD installed with EM.

Printer Friendly Topic.... and I say this next line with no breaths - (have not really tested it but I do see the printable page, good nuff for me, next...)

ACP User Registration - had to tweak $sig on admin_acpuser.php and $signature on validate_user.php for the Advanced Mode page to work, something I figured out all by me onesy. :p (puts hair clumps back on head from this one.... geeez)

IP only by AMDIN - well it's installed, whether it works or not... uhmmmm.......... get back to ya later on it. :p [back too add that it does work fine!!]

Auto Shorten URL's - see prior response :p

Font Face BBCode - well it's there but I thought it'd have more font options. Maybe if I would have READ (roll eyes at self) the whole thread on it, I would/will find this answer. Sighssss @ me.

Here's what's NOT working as of now:

BBCode StrikeThrough -
FIND FAILED: In file [includes/bbcode.php] could not find:

$EMBB_widths = array(''

MOD script line #60

TerraFrosts Zodiac Add-on - an error is coming up which I am trying to work out on the phpBB forum under that thread.

Log Actions MOD - well someone forgot to read the install txt PRIOR to using EM to install it. We won't mention Di's name, now will we. :roll: Anyway, trying desperately to figure out how ths one will ever work itself out. FIXED thanks to Raimon next door. ;)

So, to let you know I have had tendonitis for 10+ years. Every time I had to manually code something for the forum... agony, pain, sleepless days/nights over syntax errors and more which everyone doing a forum surely can attest to I do realize. In short, I want to HUG the person who created EM. You saved about 10+ more years on my arms. I am so EM lazy I installed something that had 1 page to edit. Don't laugh, if you only knew my tendonitis. Looking forward to installing more MODs with EM and it's version updates.

(grumbles now for anything that is not EM compliant and when I have to do forum version updates)
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Re: Love EM!!

Post by 3Di »

There are not EMC MODs actually (just 2 of Nuttzy99 AFAIK), if you search the forums you'll find a lot of topics related to that. ;)
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