EasyMod 0.3.0 not using tablepre's properly?

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EasyMod 0.3.0 not using tablepre's properly?

Post by evilc »

I was having some issues installing Anti-Bot Question Mod using easymod.
It didn't seem to want to create and set up the tables, so I decided to just copy and paste it from the screen where it displays what it is going to do.

However, that screen did not use my board's tablepre, it just used the default "phpbb_" as a tablepre.

I am not sure if that was what was causing it to fail (didn't look like it though, the error on the next page listed the SQL for the create table and it used the right tablepre) but whatever, making the text on the first screen use the right tablepre would be a good idea methinks.

Got it all working in the end, so no drama, just thought I would give you a heads up.
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Re: EasyMod 0.3.0 not using tablepre's properly?

Post by Poomerio »

You would have had to change the phpbb_ table pre to whatever you use, if you don't use the default (just by editing the SQL).
Thanks for the heads up ;)

- Poomie