Cant install mods - Login Error

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William R
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Cant install mods - Login Error

Post by William R »

Critical Error:
Function Trace: main[1]->modio_prep[2]

FTP ERROR: login failed

Thats when I try to install a mod.

I also looked at my settings and this is what it has ..

Code: Select all

FTP access is the perferred method for file access. If you do not have FTP access, EasyMOD has recommended alternate settings.
Reading: Server
Writing: Buffer and FTP
Moving: Automated FTP

Can anyone help me out here.

Also when I had installed Easymod, only read and one other thing was correct or came up green.

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Re: Cant install mods - Login Error

Post by Nux »

Try to change EasyMOD's password, but also write the FTP pass when you do it. There is a small bug that will be fixed in new version. Try few versions of EasyMOD pass.

If it won't work then past the Expanded Debug Info - it's in the installation page of EM.