[0.2.0a] lang_easymod_english.php

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[0.2.0a] lang_easymod_english.php

Post by hayk »

There are a few of duplicate entries in the EM lahguage file. Sometimes they are equal, sometime different.

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45  $lang['EM_password_title'] = 'Please enter the EasyMOD access password.' ;
271 $lang['EM_password_title'] = 'EasyMOD Password Protection' ;

55  $lang['EM_tables_added'] = 'Tables Added';
177 $lang['EM_tables_added'] = 'Tables Added'; 

56  $lang['EM_tables_altered'] = 'Tables Altered';
178 $lang['EM_tables_altered'] = 'Tables Altered'; 
57  $lang['EM_rows_added'] = 'Rows Added';
179 $lang['EM_rows_added'] = 'Rows Added';

78  $lang['EM_settings'] = 'Settings';
104 $lang['EM_settings'] = 'EasyMOD Settings';

162 $lang['EM_failed'] = 'FAILED';
254 $lang['EM_failed'] = 'failed' ;

282 $lang['EM_ftp_desc'] = 'If you have FTP access to the web server, enter it below.  The info will be stored fairly securely in the phpBB database.  It will only be accessible through EasyMOD.' ;
315 $lang['EM_ftp_desc'] = 'Enter the information you would normally need to access your phpBB files via FTP.';
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Re: [0.2.0a] lang_easymod_english.php

Post by -=ET=- »

That's right.
But you've missed some duplicates and there is also 20 unused entries!

I've already reported the full list of language issues to the dev team :)
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