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EasyMOD Changelog

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Version History:

v0.0.10a - 8/04/03
fixed COPY command to allow "copy dir/file to dir/"
fixed download option
fixed on screen option
added a debug mode for FTP with the installer
confirmed the FIND command already works perfectly (so don't bug me CE )

v0.0.10 - 7/30/03
fix bug with mkdir return
missing buffer+ftp option on settings ACP
COPY command working except for *.*
make FTP the default methods
code paths correctly!!
../ in path a problem for some FTP servers - Aexoden
settings ACP should autocomplete with old settings
run FTP access test in debugger for move method
fix pass by ref warnings - GPHemsley + Ptirhiik
correctly parse MOD header to allow for EM to detect more MODs
display info on how to install other MODs
make sure english and subsilver are present before installing
lowcase EasyMOD dir to be easymod ;)
temporary quick fix to determine if file is ASCII or binary
fixed a duplicate lang file entry
make COPY accept unlimited tabs and spaces
changed mod_file param in EM table to be 255 chars (was 50)
fixed finding a bug with multi-line finds - GPHemsley
streamlined the function that performs FINDs

v0.0.9c - 7/03/03
error message in modio_open for 'server' reported wrong filename
error message in modio_close for 'tmp' reported wrong filename
bug fix, now when ftp'ing, cd to a dir before putting a file
bux fix, removed trialing slash when making a dir - GrMa
fixed potential bug with performing find, init a variable - Thoth
fixed a minor bug with installation confirmation file version check
now when FTP'ing, use relative path from phpBB instead of absolute path
eliminated the need for tmp directory write access!!!

(9b was not released)

v0.0.9 - 6/03/03
fixed bug, complete_file_repro not throwing an error on failed close
fixed bug, in strip_whitespace when only one line was wanted
FIND improperly deals with whitespace // Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr // found 5/27
fixed bug, passwords not working // wGEric // found 5/24
use PRE on process screen // Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr // found 5/24

reposition DEFINE // GPHemsley // found 5/25
improper path in err msg // Snover // found 5/26
properply delete tmp file after tmp/ftp fails
fixed up get_phpbb_version
str_replace ' with '' on EM insert // Super Saiyan Gecko // found 5/26
fixed chmod close error on post_process files
fixed chown close error on server post_process file
fixed put error on ftp post_process file

fixed the cross-site scripting exploit on installer
made scan tests into seperate and independent functions
fixed ordering of some tests
fixed the mkdir fail message
check copy access on phpBB root, not EM dir
do not recommend write server if cannot mkdir
using $lang entries when selecting access methods
fixed bug, recommend manual move if not writing to server
recommend copy only if have root_write and copy access
fixed bug on mkdir access, had forgotten $ on var name
verifies FTP access on tmp write
fixed bug, complete_file_repro not throwing an error on failed close
added expanded debug info
added confirmation page
added EM upgrade ability
fixed the incidental display of \n on an sql error
allow for lowcase of EM dir // Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr // found 5/24

v0.0.8 - 5/24/03
+ Too many changes to track! Complete overhaul.

v0.0.7 - 9/2/02
+ fixed all known bugs
+ solved quick bbcode buttons known issue
+ implemented standardized quick bbcode buttons for ALL mods :roll:
+ added admin_mod_functions.php to enable code reuse
+ implemented multi language support in templates

v0.0.6 - 8/14/02
+ first testable version- the true baseline

v0.0.4 - 4/14/02
+ proof of concept release

-Nuttzy :cool:
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