Need Help In Making Table

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Need Help In Making Table

Post by abdulbasit »

Hello everyone,

I will be very much thankful to you who will take out some time for me and help me in making SQL Table. Can you please see this url on which i get some error

Or here is the error which i will paste down.

General Error

Could not query users


SQL Error : 1146 Table 'traders_phpb1.phpbb_marriage' doesn't exist

SELECT m.*, u1.username AS username_1, u1.user_id AS user_id_1, u1.user_level AS user_level_1, u2.username AS username_2, u2.user_id AS user_id_2, u2.user_level AS user_level_2 FROM phpbb_marriage m LEFT JOIN phpbb_users u1 ON u1.user_id=m.partner LEFT JOIN phpbb_users u2 ON u2.user_id=m.partner2 ORDER BY begin_time DESC LIMIT 0, 40

Line : 134
File : marriage_list.php

Please tell me what SQL Query I should run now ?

Thanks a lot in advance,

AbdulBasit Makrani