easyMOD doesn't mod with another style (FIapple)

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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easyMOD doesn't mod with another style (FIapple)

Post by edge99 »

after installation of easyMOD I started first modding but easyMOD took only subSilver-style an not the one I use (FIapple).

Did I do something wrong ?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: easyMOD doesn't mod with another style (FIapple)

Post by Nux »

You've probably had warnings that some commands failed on your template. This is quite common and unfortunately most MODs are not built to work on all templates. Mostly because it's almost impossible to make MOD so universal to work on all templates as they are sometimes very different from each other.

If the MOD installs on your board and just fail on your template then you can try to install it on the template by hand. Most changes are pretty simple - some link needs to be added or text to show the results of a MOD. It's good to have some basic knowledge of HTML that you can gain from Internet from any of many guides and tutorials (e.g.: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Guide/" target="_blank).

You can also try to ask for help at the support topic for the MOD you installed (you'll have to wait for a while now as phpbb.com is of line or ask at the temporary forum).