EM Password keeps saying incorrect Need help

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EM Password keeps saying incorrect Need help

Post by turkakbay »

I'm new to the world of MODs and I thought it'd be best to start by installing easymod.

I tried it 3 times and same problem. :evil:

I follow the instructions (I think) everything seems normal The install php does stop at step 4 of 5.
I see easy mod is showing on my admin cp.
But when I enter my password the easy mod asked me earlier in the install it says incorrect password.

Can anyone please help me.

My forum became a porn magnet :oops: , and I'd like to install some mods as soon as I can, but easy mod is the first step.

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Lumpy Burgertushie
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Re: EM Password keeps saying incorrect Need help

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

if you did not complete the install, then the tables have not been correctly added to the database.

that might be why your password does not work.

if the tables are there, you can check the database using phpmyadmin or whatever you have and look at the password field and see if it has the hash of your password there.

also, the passwords have to be exact. they are case sensitive, no spaces, no odd characters, etc.

if there is a hash in the password field, then you may need to create a new password hash to replace it with.

google for md5 hash and find a site that will let you create a hash. do that and then copy and paste that long string of numbers into the easymod password field of the database. ( replacing the one that is there).

then that password will work.