Changed to new db, EM password now fails

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Changed to new db, EM password now fails

Post by Skitz00 » Mon Jan 14, 2008 4:28 am

Love EasyMod, thank you. Installed my first (RAC) mod with it yesterday. (phpBB v2.0.22)

I am new to this so it took me a while to figure out how to configure EM properly. My Web host did not work with all the defaults.

Today I moved my board to a new database, got it working OK, but my EasyMod password no longer works so I can't get in to change the db/server settings. I need advice on best way to fix.

I can switch my phpBB config.php back to the old one easily enough. Once back where I was perhaps I could get back into EM and change the db/server settings. Would that work or is there a simpler way to fix this?


PS, Oh yeah, I also used cookieMod to update my script/cookie paths since installing EasyMod. Could that be what did it? The actual directories that things were installed in have not changed though.

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Re: Changed to new db, EM password now fails

Post by Skitz00 » Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:04 pm

Ah haaaa !

I found the instructions for repairing an EasyMod password and followed them. When I did the SQL for the EM password it came up with nothing. Then, finally, dawn broke over Marblehead.

This is muddled but the backup version of the database I am using is not the same database backup that was in place when I first installed EasyMod. In other words, while phpBB has EasyMod installed and working fine my database never heard of it before :oops:

Now, I currently have 3 installs of phpBB:
1- Original host-installed version that I am in process of replacing. This version can not be modified, files are locked solid, CHMOD will not work. The database is locked out too, no phpMyAdmin access to it. I am unable to install mods (and RACmod I really need) thus the need to change.

2- A new, full install with normal files that CAN be modified. (now sharing the orig. db with install #1)
3- A trial horse install, the one I am experimenting with now. (with a pre-EM db backup)

So, I will guess the solution is to do a new db backup of install #2 (in which EM is working fine) and then "restore" it to the new database that install #3 is using. There would then be an EM password installed. Sound OK?

The eventual goal is to switch install #2 over to the NEW database once I am sure this will work (thus the experimental install) after which I can delete the original host-installed version which will also vaporize the original database.

The other option I suppose would be to do a re-install of EasyMod.

Any advice will be happily accepted.


Got bored and tried something. I made a current database backup and restored it to the trial-horse installation.
The EasyMod password now works as I hoped but there is a new problem.
When I click on "EasyMOD History" I get this debug message:

SQL Error : 1146 Table 'db*******.******phpbb_easymod_processed_files' doesn't exist (asterisks added here by me)

Does that mean there was an easymod Table_ but that phpBB did not include it in the backup?
And would that mean I need to do the EasyMOD re-install?