i cant install

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i cant install

Post by NotExistant »

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template->_tpl_load(): File ./../templates/ptifo/admin/mod_header.tpl does not exist or is empty


Line : 247
File : class_template.php
this happend after i installed the catagories hierchy mod and now i need to reinstall easymod but it wont let me i tried using the emversion changer and the settings but get this message in both catagories
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Re: i cant install

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means just what it says, that file , in that style , does not exist .
so, you either need to put all the easymod tpl files in the pitfo folder, or you need to change from the style you are using in your admin panel back to subSilver to install

changing back to subSilver to install is the best bet. easymod is designed to be installed to subSilver and then install itself to other styles.