Problems when installing

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Problems when installing

Post by Awwent »

I'm a new owner of a phpBB2 forum.
I have a lot of spam bots that spam me with porn.
Then somebody said me to get EasyMOD and install a Anti SPAM MOD.
Then, i did.

I have uploaded EasyMOD to the correct folder on my webhost and have entered my correct FTP settings.

Then i click continue!

After that this come:
The EasyMOD password will allow you to restrict which admins can use EasyMOD. By having access to EasyMOD an admin could covertly obtain your database user/pass and FTP info.

I enter my password two times and press Submit.
When i press Submit it's loading ..
Loading, loading and loading.

I have wait in about a half hour now, i'm tired of waiting now.

Is anything wrong?