i can't install

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i can't install

Post by jtmcpherson »

i know i'm a noob and will be shamed upon but i have phpbb 2.0.22 and i want to know how to install this thing i put it in the proper directory admin/mods/easymod/ chmoded it to 755 then ran the installer resulting in this error.

CRITICAL ERROR: the file 'extension.inc' could not be found. Please, make sure EasyMOD has been uploaded under the admin/mods/easymod/ directory of your phpBB installation.

i would think i would need to mod the database before starting such mods. well thanks alot.

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Re: i can't install

Post by Nightrider »

This error typically means that the path to the EM install is wrong. So what is the path to the EM install that you are using in your Browser? The path could look something like this in your browser:

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