reinstall problems

Having problems installing EM? Let's fix that
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reinstall problems

Post by merebel »

we are reinstalling a new board and when I try to install easy mod I cant as it says it has been installed.
I need to remove all traces of it from the mysql file but not 100% sure which ones so I can reinstall it

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Re: reinstall problems

Post by Nightrider »

EM Version Change

Before you can reinstall EM, you need to decrease the EM version number in your phpbb_config table...
  • EM Version Change Option 1

    I created this DB Update file that you can run from your browser. Download and unzip the following file, then upload it to your phpBB root and run it from your browser:

    The path to the unzipped file might look something like this in your browser:

    Code: Select all
  • EM Version Change Option 2

    If you already had EM 0.3.0 installed, then you will need to change the EM Version back so that the install will think that this is an Upgrade. You can use this tool to change your EM Version so that you can reinstall EM on your board:


    Once the EM Version Changer is installed, set the EM version to 0.1.13 or 0.2.0...
  • EM Version Change (Manual Option 3)

    If you want to manually change the EM version, you can do so in your phpbb_config table. Just look for the record beginning with EM_version. Then you can change the related field to 0.1.13. You could also delete all the records in the phpbb_config table that begin with EM_ and delete the phpbb_easymod table too to have the new install recreate everything...