Beta Install Error

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Beta Install Error

Post by Alkah »

Can someone help me with this?

Progress :: . Done
Result :: Some queries failed, the statements and errors are listing below

Error :: Duplicate entry '' for key 1
SQL :: INSERT INTO phpbb_easymod ( mod_title, mod_file, mod_version, mod_author_handle, mod_author_email, mod_author_name, mod_author_url, mod_description, mod_process_date, mod_phpBB_version, mod_processed_themes, mod_processed_langs, mod_files_edited, mod_tables_added, mod_tables_altered, mod_rows_inserted) VALUES ( 'EasyMOD', 'easymod/easymod_install.php', '0.1.13', 'Nuttzy', '', 'n/a', '', 'EasyMOD automatically perfoms in seconds which previously required the tedious task of manually editing files.', 1117154664, '2.0.10', 'subSilver; alexis; fisubsilver; blueSilver', 'english', 0, 1, 0, 1)