could not cd to web/ophpBB2 PATH TO FTP PROBLEM

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could not cd to web/ophpBB2 PATH TO FTP PROBLEM

Post by noth »

Testing selected write method
Testing FTP access...
1) Logged in successfully

FTP ERROR: could not cd to web/ophpBB2
You successfully logged into the server, but could not change direcory (CD) to the easymod directory. The following is recommended:

Are you sure you entered the correct path? Below is a directory listing of the files in the FTP root directory. The FTP root directory is simply the starting point when you connect. The path to the phpBB2 installation should begin with one of the directory names listed below.
Directory names are case sensitive. Be sure the easymod directory is all lowercase.
In some *very rare* cases it's possible that you are not connecting to the proper FTP Server. Try specifying the hostname in the FTP Server field.
Some servers have issues with the passive mode that EasyMOD attempts to use by default. If you have the PHP FTP extension loaded, then enable that option in step 1.

FTP root directory:

Directory listing: your FTP Path should start with one of the directories listed below
Network Trash Folder
yes the directories listed ARE in the root BUT when I FTP - upon seeing those files I have to IGNORE THEM

Yes - repeat - my host has told me to go nowhere near them !!

What I do is press the green up arrow above all those names

this brings up a single folder "falkor"

I up arrow again to "101"

then up again then see four folders one of which is "web"

it is in this "web" that my phpbb2 is held ... but how do I write that as a path? :oops:
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Re: could not cd to web/ophpBB2 PATH TO FTP PROBLEM

Post by GPHemsley »

It looks like you have a typo in your FTP path. Are you sure it shouldn't be web/phpBB2 (i.e. there's an extra "o")?