Feature request re exif tag handling

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Feature request re exif tag handling

Post by jhnmdahl »

Right now my forum uses an .exif image rotation plugin developed by 3di that auto-rotates images according to their embedded .exif data, but which doesn't work if your maximum image size isn't set to 0x0 (i.e., if you resize images or limit image size on upload). It seems like handling .exif tags on images would be a useful feature to many users, especially as most photos originate from mobile devices that are often held rotated when taking pictures thesedays, and native forum support for this function would hopefully resolve some of the limitations of using 3di's plugin.

I hope this is the right place to post this, and thanks for considering this feature request,


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Re: Feature request re exif tag handling

Post by 5chn3ll »

I'd like to second this request - honoring the rotation metadata would be awesome.

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