[Call To Action] Help create the new default phpbb theme

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Infrastructure Team
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[Call To Action] Help create the new default phpbb theme

Post by hanakin » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:20 pm

I am at a pretty stable place with the ground work for the framework we will be using to base the design/development from for the new default theme for phpbb.

From here on out its going to require digging in and coding the individual aspects(components) of the theme while testing and stressing the framework.

With this said in order to be able to release something as soon as possible I want to open this aspect up to the entire community to be able to contribute. I am still kind of working on the best way to be able to do this so if there are suggestions then by all means. However what I have been doing and what seems to work really well is building the components via www.codepen.io Then merging the component into the git repo once its good to go.

I am working on far more detailed guide/docs to layout how this all will work but they are still a work in progress, and wanted to at least provide the initial ideas for discussion.

For now you can simply do the following

1. go here: http://codepen.io/hanakin/pen/jybzBY?editors=1100
2. Fork it
3. Rename it to the component you wish
4. delete the code from the HTML and SCSS tabs
5. Code up a component
6. Create and issue on the following github repo/branch: https://github.com/hanakin/base-l/tree/phpbb (all progress will/should be tracked reported in the issue)
7. Once its good then fork the github repo
8. checkout the phpbb branch
9. Add the _your-compoennt.scss file in the components folder
10. Add the proper import to the theme.scss file
11. Submit a PR for the component against the phpbb branch. Be sure to reference the ISSUE & you codepen in the PR.
12. I will review/provide feedback/request changes to it from there then we can merge it.

1. Keep in mind the way we are working the focus is on coding the components as much as possible to meet the Google Material Design Specs. This way we do not have to worry a lot about the design at this stage. Once all the components are completed and we start integrating them into a theme, we can alter the theme using the theme classes. By doing this our components are extremely flexible to be used across any theme.
2. You can find the general color scheme values in the settings/_default.scss file within the github repo.
3. Keep in mind if you need to alter or submit any fixes to the core.css or utilities.css then you must submit you pr against the master branch.
4. For simplicity for now at least the 1. settings & 2. tools layers have been broken out into there own repos. All fixes for these should be submitted against those repos.

If there are any other questions let me know.
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Re: [Call To Action] Help create the new default phpbb theme

Post by NORDLANDVOLK » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:08 pm

You need help?
Take a look around at xenforo and ipb forums and why not at vbulletin forum as well and make a theme better them all.
The look is very important,a know a lot of people who dont want to install phpbb cos has ugly theme,them do not care the security just the look of the theme.
You can ask yourself why? The answer is very simple,the user dont come back if the theme is ugly.
And by the way your theme is to white and not too modern.
sorry for my bad english :oops:

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Infrastructure Team
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Re: [Call To Action] Help create the new default phpbb theme

Post by hanakin » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:36 pm

Firstly I am a designer so you are "preaching to the choir". I am not asking for help designing, as again I am a designer and can design circles around all the "Examples" you provide which are *beep* mind you from a design standpoint.

This is not the theme/design stage. We are not there yet. First we need to build and structure the components than we can theme/skin them.

The term Modern is subject to you so not sure what you mean. To reiterate however these are just individual components on white BG for testing! which are modern as they are built using the Google material design spec.

For Clarity I am asking for assistance in coding as that is the difficult part, the longest part. All the individual components for a theme need to be coded/built to the spec. once we have them, only then in the theming stage can we easily fit everything together and apply the theme/skin to it.

Hopefully this clears everything up.

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