[NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

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Re: [NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

Post by Ger » Tue May 22, 2018 12:44 pm

First off: this part of the discussion might be better off in it's own topic: BC for extension/styles.

But my opinion on this: I think it's a bit premature to discuss all of the possible drawbacks and extension/style developers running away while we (or I for one) have really no clue what we're talking about. If the whole concept of controllers, event listners etc. will remain untouched, that would be nice. The concept of $template->assign_vars() method should also be left as is, or at least offer a compatibility layer to translate 3.x calls to however it should be in 4.x. Since in the end every template system should have a structured method to assign variable pairs, that wouldn't be too hard I'd say.

That would leave 2 things: Template events and the JS framework. When the whole structure of a style changes, it's very hard to automate this. So yes, that would require handywork for the dev. I personally would be glad if I could just keep using jQuery since I have no experience in Vue or the other mentioned alternatives. Being a back-end developer myself I would prefer not needing to learn yet another framework.
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Re: [NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

Post by GanstaZ » Tue May 22, 2018 1:41 pm

I like the new theme framework, seems that it will be easy to use. Looking at examples in git repo, twig inheritance & blocks (something like this is needed) will be used with it.

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Re: [NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

Post by hanakin » Tue May 22, 2018 8:50 pm

Jquery is compatible with vuejs so jquery for ext is still valid the vuejs would be for specific cases if we use it for core only really

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Re: [NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

Post by Brru » Wed May 30, 2018 4:48 am

Vuejs would solve a lot of the problems associated with 3.x and the appeal of using phpBB.

I am not saying strides haven't been made in the correct direction, but progress has been slow. The reasons are easy to understand when you rely on a voluntary system of developers. The problem goes even deeper when you account for the lack of enthusiasm for non-modern systems. Basically, no one volunteers to learn PHP or to develop in HTML/CSS anymore because you can't show it off. "Hey look I made some CSS on my github..." isn't something you hear anymore. Vuejs would fix that by bringing new enthusiasm that the contributor could actually show off and potentially lead somewhere.

Similar to the above, you could bring in more businesses willing to write in Vuejs styles. I am currently dealing with an issue where I inherited an old theme developed by a company that is no longer willing to continue theming in 3.2 and that leaves me high and dry. With Vuejs those companies might come back since they've moved onto more modern themes. Easier development = more money for these guys.

Vuejs would speed things up, easier mobile integration, compatibility with more languages, and it has potential to redefine phpbb as a project. All these are only scratching the surface.

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