Change "can email user" to No after registration

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Change "can email user" to No after registration

Post by mrgtb » Sun Mar 01, 2015 9:58 am

When a person joins the forum for first time. The default setting for emailing user is set to Yes. I want to request that it be changed to No by default on new registrations. The user changes it to Yes themselves later on if wanting to receive emails.
A few reason why it would be best set to No. Spammers joining using free throw away email addresses... that other users could be sending emails to it. A user doesn't check after joining that "default" is they get emails when not wanting them. Also, if the board has been set-up to not use "sending emails via board" and not hiding email address. Then users email address is going be exposed on their profile page. So it would be best just having that setting as default set, No - after registration. Put the onus instead on a user enabling receiving emails. They can still get PM's in meantime anyway as a way of Personal Messaging.

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Re: Change "can email user" to No after registration

Post by Pony99CA » Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:42 am

One way to achieve this is to have the Admin make sure that the Registered Users group permission for Can send e-mails is set to No. Of course, that would prevent any normal user from sending any E-mail, but that's a reasonable default.

If that's not the setting in a default installation of phpBB, then it probably should be.

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