[RFC] Multiquote

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Re: [RFC] Multiquote

Post by McKristensen »

What's the status of this?
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Re: [RFC] Multiquote

Post by brunoais »

Postponed until the WYSIWYG editor is merged, for now.
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Re: [RFC] Multiquote

Post by Weskey »

One feature that I find interesting in the IPB and I think it would be great to implement in phpBB would be fixed multiquote button, it works as follows.

By clicking a button multiquote, you see a new button called "Reply to {0} Quoted Posts" in a fixed position at the bottom right, and whenever the user selects a new post in multiquote the {0} changes to reflect the number of posts selected, the user then simply simply click Reply to go directly to the editor without searching for the button to answer.
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Re: [RFC] Multiquote

Post by Jacob »

I have never used multiquote and almost nobody uses it in the forums I visit. I don't know if this could be made easilly as an extension... But the way IPB does it as shown by Weskey looks ok.
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Re: [RFC] Multiquote

Post by Master_Cylinder »

I've used multiquote on one of the forums I used to frequent and it would be very useful for several of my forums. If it's optional (enabled/disabled in the ACP) then that should satisfy those that don't want it. I don't know if there's a MOD for this now but I think it belongs in the core.
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