[RFC] Require Subject on *all* posts

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Re: [RFC] Require Subject on *all* posts

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A_Jelly_Doughnut wrote:My preference would be for

if (strlen(post_subject) is 0) then
let post_subject = "Re: " + topic_title
I agree with this (later called the "silent option"). If somebody removed the Subject, that's just silly and we should replace it. If they removed it and forgot to put in a new Subject, most likely they can edit the Subject again (unless the Admin prevents that).

I have also changed the Subject -- for example, in the old "Custom BBCodes" topic on phpBB.com, I would change the Subject to reflect the BBCode that was being discussed. Subjects on posts are useful, IMHO.

Also, for the people who don't want Subjects on all posts but the topic start, are we talking about removing the Subject field from the posts table or just not displaying the entry for all posts but the first? If the latter, can't that be done with a simple style change or two?

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