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Add Forum Permissions

Post by Ancyent » Wed Aug 11, 2010 12:19 pm

1. Add some forum permission that says something like
- User can see Topic created by self ( YES /NO )
- User Can see topic Created by others ( YES / NO )

// I find it verry usefull if you would like to use a forum for a support or something like that ( it's better that the discussion is not disturbed by spam, offtopic and all that )

- User Can reply to own topic ( YES / NO )
- User Can reply to other Topics ( YES / NO )

With respect Andrei.

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Re: Add Forum Permissions

Post by Nelsaidi » Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:42 pm

The seccond (user can see topic created by others) one can be useful, especially for support which would mean no integration with third party software if your providing simple means of support. Permisions wise for people whos job it is to view the topics, i'd assume they'd have the permision of can see topics by others, whereas the user who posted it would have it no. Accept the prefixes and you have a nice base for a basic support system.

- User Can reply to other Topics ( YES / NO ) partially falls under the above catagory, and could be useful in places, This is an extension of "reply to any topic" permision, only possible use is a "courtroom" scenario which would be public - bare in mind if a user cant see a post he cant respond to it.

The others personally I do not see mch use, to not allow the user to reply or see his own topic i dont understand the point of, not dismissing the point though.

- User Can see topic Created by others ( YES / NO ) is a permision personally would love to see in phpBB.

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