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by /a3
Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:02 am
Forum: [3.x] Discussion
Topic: URL Rewriting MOD
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Re: URL Rewriting MOD

use forums and topic name in url is good for seo. for example this address change to[3.2/Arsia] Discussion-viewforum.php?f=105 or[3.2/Arsia] Discussion-f105-viewforum.php or http://area51...
by /a3
Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:55 am
Forum: [3.x] Discussion
Topic: New Smiles
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Re: New Smiles

Really? The phpBB2 smilies are still around - there even default in WordPress these days! I could imagine for phpBB4 with the new style (?), but the smilies are sort of a part of proSilver, so I doubt they will be replaced in phpBB3... Besides, the smilies can be easily changed through the ACP anywa...
by /a3
Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:04 am
Forum: [3.x] Discussion
Topic: Users browsing current forum
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Re: Users browsing current forum

I do agree with alexemilov here - the users browsing the current forum could potentially be hidden because it does seem a bit unnecessary for most users. Maybe it could be hidden with JavaScript? Or maybe viewonline.php could somehow extended to view users browsing specific forums? Or maybe that's p...