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by hsim
Tue Oct 30, 2001 8:21 pm
Forum: Chit Chat
Topic: Which Web Server do you use ?
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[quote4d722=The Black Pit]So, is there a stable release under windows?[/quote4d722] Which Webserver r u talking about? Apache HTTPd: Sambar is a Win32-only Server, not available for Linux/*NIX (yet). Homepage: http://www.s...
by hsim
Wed Oct 24, 2001 10:27 pm
Forum: Chit Chat
Topic: What OS do you use for your webserver.
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I'm using SuSE - very popular here in Germany
by hsim
Tue Oct 23, 2001 10:16 pm
Forum: Chit Chat
Topic: Closed source software
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I don't like CS concepts but well, I think it's their right to keep their ugly code.
I try to use as many open source software as possible, and actually, except Games (and Windows to play them), I need almost no CS software. I'm happy :)