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by manutoo
Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:55 am
Forum: [3.1/Ascraeus] Merged RFCs
Topic: [RFC|Merged] Attachments management
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Re: [RFC|Merged] Attachments management

Hello, just to tell that I also have thousand of attachments on my board, so a way to manage them would be great. The subfolders addition would be also a nice plus. But what I'd like to see the most is to display all image attachments in the same page (paged by 50 or 100), so there would be no need ...
by manutoo
Mon Feb 09, 2009 6:43 am
Forum: phpBB 3.0.x Support
Topic: SPAMBOTS - how can we stop them - read FIRST post.
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Re: SPAMBOTS - how can we stop them - read FIRST post.

Hello, I didn't read the 18 pages of this thread, so sorry if the following has been posted before. I began to get 5 or more spam messager per day on last beginning of last week, most from guest users. Instead of disabling the guest users, I just did a lil Mod to prevent guest to post link, like : i...