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by dar63
Thu Mar 15, 2007 1:35 am
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: Not sure where to post this...
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Re: Not sure where to post this...

That's phpnuke platinum and therefore not supported by phpBB.
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by dar63
Sun Dec 31, 2006 8:05 pm
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Styling
Topic: New theme
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Re: New theme

PHPtest wrote: I think the New phpbb theme is going to be sub????. since ver 1xx was subblack and ver 2xx is subsilver. so third should be subred or subblue or something.....

1x never had no such default theme as sub anything.

As for the template for 3x I'd be happy with subsilver as it is now.