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by mjalan
Sat Feb 26, 2005 4:58 pm
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: Split from Checkins stopped?
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Re: Checkins stopped?

lol.. good things need to wait.. :P may be we can have some surprise.. :P
by mjalan
Thu Feb 17, 2005 9:41 pm
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: The theme you use...
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Re: The theme you use...

mrpete wrote:
stubbers wrote: This is the new version of phpBB, Olympus, you will be able to get the theme when the new version is released. This board is still in pre-alpha stage.
ah i see
whens it coming out?
There is a Search button at the top of the forum if u r not blind
by mjalan
Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:34 am
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: How can I have the authority to read phpbb2.2 CVS Respositor
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Re: How can I have the authority to read phpbb2.2 CVS Respos

machette wrote: How can I have the authority to read phpbb2.2 CVS Respository ??

I would like to test for phpBB2.2, but I wouldn't like to test by downloading the screenshot version (It's too tired).
Or ... how can I test conveniently for phpBB2.2 ???" target="_blank

by mjalan
Thu Jan 06, 2005 9:10 pm
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: Will there be an SDK included with Beta-1?
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Re: Will there be an SDK included with Beta-1?

What about something like ipbsdk but only with basic functions? I think Virtuality talked about a GDK (Graphics Development Kit) as psoTFX called it but I don't know what the ipbsdk is. If it is a SDK (Software Development Kit), I wonder what exactly it does and which functions these basic function...
by mjalan
Sun Dec 05, 2004 11:33 am
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Topic: few question about preparing localized 2.2
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Re: few question about preparing localized 2.2

1. When do you expect final release can be possible? I know that nobody sure about the final release date, but just rough guess would be enough for us. Well, I think the final release wont be here sometimes next yr.. :P, but they says that beta should be in this month.. >_< 2. Is it Ok to proceed t...
by mjalan
Fri Dec 03, 2004 11:12 am
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Topic: It's December?
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Re: It's December?

/me guessing if the devs really release the beta this month, it could either be



31st Demember 11:59:59p.m.. :D

P.S I am just guessing.. :P
by mjalan
Wed Nov 24, 2004 4:07 pm
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Forum Rules

Discussion of general topics related to phpBB2.2 and it's place in the world. Don't discuss new features, report bugs, ask for support, etc. Don't use this to spam for other boards or attack those boards!
by mjalan
Tue May 11, 2004 12:49 am
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: Would you kill me?
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Re: Would you kill me?

**Grab a gun, and shoot his head....** :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

well, I mean the answer is that, it is still being developing.. but yeah, it is damn odd to see some ppl have avatar and some ppl can' ;)
by mjalan
Fri May 07, 2004 9:38 pm
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Topic: alpha/beta
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Re: alpha/beta

There is technically a stage before alpha called gamma. The purpose of an alpha release to see how users take to new changes and additions before everything is finalized. woops, seems u have stages mixed up.. :P ok, here are the general term for the stages.... Prototyping ---> Thats before everythi...
by mjalan
Mon May 03, 2004 9:06 pm
Forum: [3.0/Olympus] Discussion
Topic: CVS messed up?
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Re: CVS messed up?

Hessels wrote:than i think the cvs is f**king stupid
8O yes, they are stuipd if u dun know what u r doing.. :mrgreen: