Language Pack Submission Policy

Below are the procedures and guidelines that need to be followed by any translator submitting a language pack to our Customisations Database. All approved language packs can be found in our Language Packs Database. If you submit your language pack to our Customisations Database, it will first be automatically sent to the Translations Manager for validation. The Translations Manager is responsible for ensuring that your submission follows the guidelines below. Failure to comply with the following instructions could lead to an instant denial of your submission. Please note the Translations Manager has full discretion on what he approves or denies. This process can sometimes take a considerable amount of time, so it’s in your best interest to follow all of the guidelines from the start. If your language pack is denied and then resubmitted, it is placed at the end of the queue.

  1. Submissions have to be compatible with the latest version of phpBB. Any missing key will be detected during the upload process and your submission will be automatically denied.

  2. Submissions have to be complete. Partial translations are not allowed and will be automatically denied. E-mails, text files and theme-images must also be fully translated.

  3. Language packs can contain five additional files (one mandatory and four optionals) that are not present in the British English language pack: LICENSE (mandatory), README / (optional), AUTHORS / (optional), VERSION / (optional) and CHANGELOG / (optional). You are free to write whatever you want in the README file, you can list all the authors and contributors of your language pack in the AUTHORS file, you can put the version of your language pack in the VERSION file and you can list the entire version history in the CHANGELOG file. The LICENSE file is automatically added during the upload process so you do not have to manually add the file. Its purpose is to inform the user what license is used. Language packs inherit phpBB’s license of GNU General Public License 2.0_ and no additional or alternative licenses are allowed. All of these additional files must be placed in the language/{iso}/ directory, next to the iso.txt file. Any other additional file(s) will be detected and your submission will be denied.

  4. Submissions must have the following files and structure:

    attachments.php ban.php board.php bots.php common.php database.php email.php extensions.php forums.php groups.php index.htm (optional) language.php modules.php permissions.php permissions_phpbb.php posting.php profile.php prune.php search.php styles.php users.php


    bookmark.txt index.htm (optional) newtopic_notify.txt post_approved.txt post_disapproved.txt post_in_queue.txt privmsg_notify.txt quote.txt report_pm.txt report_post.txt topic_approved.txt topic_disapproved.txt topic_in_queue.txt topic_notify.txt

    admin_activate.txt admin_send_email.txt admin_welcome_activated.txt admin_welcome_inactive.txt bookmark.txt contact_admin.txt coppa_resend_inactive.txt coppa_welcome_inactive.txt email_notify.txt forum_notify.txt group_added.txt group_request.txt index.htm (optional) installed.txt newtopic_notify.txt pm_report_closed.txt pm_report_deleted.txt post_approved.txt post_disapproved.txt post_in_queue.txt privmsg_notify.txt profile_send_email.txt profile_send_im.txt quote.txt report_closed.txt report_deleted.txt report_pm.txt report_post.txt topic_approved.txt topic_disapproved.txt topic_in_queue.txt topic_notify.txt user_activate.txt user_activate_inactive.txt user_activate_passwd.txt user_reactivate_account.txt user_remind_inactive.txt user_resend_inactive.txt user_welcome.txt user_welcome_inactive.txt

    app.php AUTHORS (optional) captcha_qa.php captcha_recaptcha.php cli.php CHANGELOG (optional) common.php groups.php help_bbcode.php help_faq.php index.htm (optional) install.php iso.txt ( LICENSE mcp.php memberlist.php migrator.php plupload.php posting.php README (optional) search.php ucp.php VERSION (optional) viewforum.php viewtopic.php


    icon_user_online.gif index.htm (optional) stylesheet.css


    button_pm_new.gif button_pm_reply.gif button_topic_locked.gif button_topic_new.gif button_topic_reply.gif icon_contact_aim.gif icon_contact_email.gif icon_contact_icq.gif icon_contact_jabber.gif icon_contact_msnm.gif icon_contact_pm.gif icon_contact_www.gif icon_contact_yahoo.gif icon_post_delete.gif icon_post_edit.gif icon_post_info.gif icon_post_quote.gif icon_post_report.gif icon_user_offline.gif icon_user_online.gif icon_user_profile.gif icon_user_search.gif icon_user_warn.gif index.htm (optional) stylesheet.css

  5. Submissions should follow the recommendations in the 3.1 Translation (i18n/L10n) Guidelines as closely as possible, especially the 3.1 Writing style.

  6. All PHP and text files must be encoded in UTF-8 without BOM and a new line at the end of the file. Many modern text editors use this as a default setting, but we recommend checking it in your editor’s settings. We recommend you use Notepad++ or PSPad, both lightweight and free.

  7. The translation is mostly your work and you have a right to hold a copyright on the translation and put your name or the names of those on your team in the AUTHORS / file.

  8. A maximum of 3 links can be included as an author credit in the footer, customisable via the 'TRANSLATION_INFO' key in common.php. Please note that the Translations Manager has complete discretion on what is acceptable as an author credit link.

  9. Submissions have to be submitted as a single zip file. The Customisations Database will automatically name your uploaded language pack using the format For example, if a Brazilian Portuguese language pack author uploads an archive named, it will be automatically changed to

  10. The contribution description for you language pack in the Customisations Database should be translated into English in addition to your local language. This will facilitate the download of your translation by administrators who do not speak the language.

  11. The contribution screenshot in the Customisations Database should only be the flag of the country where the primary spoken language is that of the language pack. For example, the flag of France for the French language.

  12. Revision name in the Customisations Database should be left blank, contain the phpBB package version, and/or package release name (e.g. “3.0.12 / Richard ‘D¡cky’ Foote” for 3.0.12).

  13. The Demo URL in the Customisations Database must be empty, unless you want to put a link to an international community (officially listed or not) related to the language of the contribution. For example, as Demo URL concerning the Arabic language is allowed.